Become a member of the Innsbrook Institute Society!

FB - Innsbrook Institute Society Note Card PRINT (2)_Page_1For the first time, we are offering the opportunity for you to be a member of the Innsbrook Institute Society. Like most not-for-profits, we struggle to keep our books balanced as we strive to bring the very best possible talent for our annual event. We need your help in order to continue doing so. Each year, we provide student subsidies to a majority of the academy attendees. While these young artists are blessed with unusual talent, many students would simply not be able to attend, based solely on their individual financial situations. Your decision to support the Institute Society (at any level) will assist in keeping this valued asset a part of the Innsbrook experience for many years to come.

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Enjoy a Concert Every Evening

Performed by our line-up of world-class artists

Study at the Summer Academy

Nine days of rehearsals, lessons, and concerts
immersed in beautiful nature.

Learn from a faculty of internationally recognized artists and teachers
and Saint Louis Symphony musicians

June 7-15, 2019