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Innsbrook Institute, a small, 501c3 nonprofit organization hosts the region’s largest Summer Music Festival and Academy. This year we are celebrating our festival and academy’s 18th season. Our annual event will be Friday, June 8 through Saturday, June 16, 2018. It will be held, on-site, at the beautiful, 7,500-acre, 100-lake Innsbrook Resort. The event takes place over a 9-day period and provides intensive course of study to young musicians (ages 11-25 years old) who come from around the world to study under professional, world-renowned musicians. Throughout the event, professional musicians will perform at concerts each evening which are open to the public.

The Festival concerts provide audiences a wonderful, orchestral venue to hear the finest music at affordable ticket prices. The Academy provides aspiring students with the opportunity to learn under the direction of nationally and internationally recognized faculty and musicians.

Although most of our concerts feature classical symphonic music, this year’s event will also include Irish fiddle tunes, piano duets with jazz/Roaring-20s inspired music, soloists, and ensembles.

The Innsbrook Institute is seeking Business and Organizational support for our upcoming festival! We offer a variety of options for those seeking promotional and marketing opportunities during the 9 days of festivities.

Why you should consider donating to the Institute’s Summer Music Festival and Academy:
1.    Our event sees an average of up to 1,200 people throughout the 9 day event.
2.    Our event remains onsite at the Innsbrook Resort and many of our concert-goers are Innsbrook residents. This provides a great opportunity for business owners to connect with the residents.
3.    We also see many guests who are willing to travel up to 100 miles to attend one of our concerts.
4.    Show your support for young students of today who are the future professional musicians of tomorrow.

We understand that some will prefer to offer support in their own unique way. In addition to the sponsorship and advertising opportunities, we welcome many other options and are ready to work on the one that is right for you.